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When you visit an e-commerce site, what makes you decide to buy the product while you are not able to touch the product? Appealing and perfect photos of the product make this happen. You may be a skilled photographer, the only minimum number of photos you can capture perfectly. Photo retouching is the best possible way to make imperfect photos into appealing and perfect photos. Photo Retouching work is very complicated to do. It requires extensive consideration and concentration on the details.

Clipping path wise offers the best and cheap Retouching Service for the Photographers at a very reasonable price. Any kind of old photos, damaged photos, imperfect photos you have, our talented photo editing experts will deliver the best retouching work. Our retouching services include product image retouch, jewelry image retouch, portrait photo retouching services, and many more.

Types of photo retouching services we provide

Photo retouching technique varies for photo to photo. Here are the photo retouching services we offer:

High end photo retouching services: To create the images extra appealing to the audience, there is no alternative to high quality images. And high end photo retouching is an ideal technique to gain high quality images. High end images are mostly used in e-commerce, apparel industry, magazines, weddings and many more places. Clipping path wise gives high end retouching service to the customers at a very reasonable price. Our high end photo retouching includes spot removing, color adjustment, hue and light adjustment etc. along with the vital high end retouching techniques.

Glamour retouch: Sometimes it is not enough having a picture in a natural look. Even after applying the most effective photography tools, you may not get the expected model images, you require Glamour Retouching services. Glamour photo retouching intends to create the face or image more stunning and striking. It is a procedure that gives your images a professional touch with advanced editing skills. Glamour retouching is highly recommended for fashion and product model images. Using this standard photo editing service you get your images more charming and staved off the faults and flaws. Glamour retouching gives a photo of the enhancing and dazzling result which even professional photo editors fail to get the best outcome. 

Human body shrink / liquefy service: It’s an interesting service. At this service Clipping Path wise graphics designers reduce model body’s extra fat part that can look the model more attractive.

Jewelry retouching service: While photo shooting the jewelry, some spots, jewelry stones reflect, light reflects remain in the photo. Jewelry retouching service is designed to remove those spots and reflections from the jewelry. This service is valuable to the jewelry business people. The core purpose of this service is to enhance the jewelry look and image quality. Our jewelry retouching service includes shining the Jewelry Stone, Jewelry Color Fixing, Jewelry Shadow Making, cleaning of dust and scratch and many more.

Unexpected Object Removal: Sometimes unwanted objects are found in the product photos and personal photos. These objects drag the attention from the main subject and it has to be eliminated. We offer unexpected object removal service to our clients as well. Our professional graphic designing experts are highly capable of removing unwanted objects. Our experts remove objects in a way like that object never exists before.

Product Photo Retouching: Product retouching is nowadays the most highly demanded services for ecommerce businesses. Because product image should be clear, identifiable, shiny and appealing so that it can attract the audience. E-commerce businesses which sell furniture, apparel products and accessories, fashion accessories, food & fruit require this service. Clipping path wise offers the best product photo retouching service with an affordable price. Our product photo retouching service includes watermarking, noise and spot removing, background editing and many more. We use proper editing techniques for achieving perfect shape, color, texture so that the product image gets the professional look.

Why we are the Best photo retouching company

We as a photo Editing Service Provider always deliver realistic photo editing work to our respective clients. Our photo editing experts are the best in photo retouching jobs where we priorities client’s concern and requirements so that we can satisfy our clients in the best possible way. Here are various reasons which make us different from others. Such as:

  • We always use the paid versions of Photoshop retouching plugins for photo retouching service. 
  • We provide our retouching services at a very reasonable price.
  • We work with the image’s raw format so that we can work with the details efficiently and make the image attractive.
  • Our graphic designing experts are well aware of finishing the work within the deadline. We can deliver a bulk amount of images in the shortest period of time.
  • We have (50+) photo editing experts who are well skilled and highly experienced in this type of editing.
  • We have a team of quality checking experts and every photo has to go through tough quality checking.
  • Our customer service is available for 24 hours and 365 days. Any kind of questions you have regarding photo editing, you can contact us without any hesitation.


Why image retouching service is needed?

Photo retouching services have become very popular nowadays. Especially e-commerce, online stores owners are the largest service takers of the photo retouching services. However, people need photo retouching services mainly for:

  • Online marketing and shopping has now become a big place for both seller and buyer to buy & sell products. The more days are passing, the more online customers are increasing. So, when a customer visits the website, he looks for his desired product. Both the website and product image should be attractive and the good images make both attractive. This where photo retouching is very important. Because the product photos should be clean, shiny and sharp. To do this, you have no alternatives except photoshop experts. Because, a photographer may capture a good photo, but sometimes the images may have spots, low lights, inappropriate environment, camera reflections and many more things. Then they need to edit photos. Photo retouching service providers like us aid them in editing.
  • Photo retouching is used for neck joint services or Ghost Mannequin Removal Services as well. Ghost mannequin service requires high end photo retouching service to adjust the front part of the garment with the back part of the garment so that both parts' complexion matches each other.
  • Photo retouching is very useful for hiding or removing unwanted details of the photo which can drag the attention away from the main subject. Removing such unwanted objects will not only bring back the focus, but also it creates an excellent impression to the potential client.
  • Photo retouching is a very good way for photo restoration and enhancement. Sometimes the photo color faded away, lost its tone, torn, missing some areas. To restore these types of photos, photo retouching is the best hope. It will give the photo a good complexion, tone and new look.
  • Other than the above reasons, sometimes people want to add new objects which are not present in the original image. In this case, photo retouching is also used. These types of photos have to be edited in a way that the newly added object's complexion and tone match with the main image's complexion and tone. And there has to be a feeling that those objects were there in the image from the beginning.

How to do we do this jobs?

You Need High end glamour retouching, headshot retouching or new born baby photo retouching service ? we clipping path wise provide all kind of photo retouching service include Jewelry retouching, eCommerce product photo retouching, Real estate photo retouching etc. by Photoshop and illustrator. Our inhouse 50+ graphics designer always ready to provide timely delivery for your urgent work also with standard price. 

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