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Photoshop Image masking service

Sometimes we see many astonishing background less photographs in various websites where the soft and complicated edges are also treated brilliantly.

When we talk about background removal, both clipping path and masking is used for this. Image masking is an alternative to clipping path to remove or replace background. But what makes image masking different from clipping paths? Clipping path is not able to give accurate results always on complicated, rough, fuzzy, soft areas where the image masking has the mastery on those.

Image masking process may be complicated for those who have no idea how to operate Photoshop correctly. Even poorly done masking may result in a weird look. But, you do not have to worry about this. Clipping path wise is one of the renowned graphic designing service providers. We provide the best image masking service along with other wide variety of photo editing services.

Type of Photoshop Image masking service we offer

Different images require different masking techniques. Different masking techniques depend on image resolution, subject color, background color and many more. Here are the various masking services we provides:

Layer Masks: Layer masking is mostly used by top most professional photo editing firms. Layer masking service gives high quality photos and to maintain the high quality we use the layer masking manually. This technique is used to make the images eligible for both personal and professional use. Layer masking allows the Photoshop experts to deal with the images which have multiple objects to manipulate. It allows you to hide and expose photos without erasing the pixels.

Clipping Masks: Clipping mask is a technique which combines the two image layers for maintaining the transparency or opacity of the top image layer. The bottom image layer literally affects the top image layer. Clipping mask technique is the opposite of the layer mask technique. The selected portion which is done by the clipping mask becomes transparent. This technique is very essential for collaging multiple subjects under the same background.

Alpha Channel Masks: Alpha channel masking or alpha masking service is another technique of removing background. This technique is almost similar to image layer masking. Alpha channel masking works very well on those photos which have a single colored background. First, separating the object from the image and then it is saved as the alpha channel. Alpha channel is a great option to edit exposure, brightness, contrast and many more. This channel stores the color information of an image. Not only that, it is able to store up to 8bit grayscale photos for the selected area.

Transparent masking: Transparent masking is another technique of removing image background. This technique is used for transparent objects like pure water, glass jars, bottles, glasses, optics, fabric and many more. Clipping path or pen tool does not give perfection on such objects and this is where transparent masking comes. In this technique, objects are masked in a way where previous background will not be visible under these photos. This technique is very tricky but our experts are well knowledgeable on that.

Fur and hair masking: Clipping path is one of the most used techniques by the photo editing firms to eliminate image background. Though it is the most used way, it cannot go after certain limitations. It can not work properly when the image contains hair or soft edges and this is where the masking is effective. Hair has smooth soft edges and masking is able to isolate hair brilliantly. Hair masking is a time consuming technique but our experts are good at that. To make the photo more realistic and natural, we can do adjustment of brightness, contrast, color and exposure with Photoshop hair masking service.

Background Erase masking : Apart from above masking services, we provide background remove masking service as well. Background erase masking is basically done by copying the main background of the image and using the background eraser tool of Photoshop. Background erase masking is appropriate for single layer background images.

Image Masking Sample

See how we done image masking service work for our clients. 

photoshop image masking service provider

Why need Photoshop image masking service

There are various reasons to choose image masking service. Generally image masking is related to the background removal of the image. It also helps to prepare images for personal and business usage. However, people choose image masking technique mainly for:

  • The photo which has outspread hair and clipping path can not give its best shot in isolating the hair from the background. Not only that, clipping path consumes huge amounts of time and does not give the best result. To do this critical work, Photoshop image masking is used. The result of the masking on isolation of hair is brilliant. 
  • Apart from the hair, there are many other critical subjects like trees, animals, and faces which also have complex and delicate edges. Image masking is also used there to isolate them from the background. 
  • There are many images which have such subjects which are almost similar to the background’s color pattern. To identify or separate one exact part, image masking technique is preferable. Apart from that, image masking technique is essential to adjust the new background or subject in the image. 
  • Image masking technique is used when doing the neck joint effect and ghost mannequin effect. Because sometimes the clothes have lace or net area where the background is visible in the back and this has to be removed as well. To do this, image masking is the best to isolate those lace and net areas from the image’s background.
  • Image masking brings perfection on keeping the transparency or opacity ratio. Because there are many images which have simple structure but also contain transparency. Clipping path may be used in those images but masking is also necessary.
  • Image masking technique is necessary to adjust highlighting, color combination, knockouts and many more. Masking is very good for retouching the landscape images. 
  • Sometimes isolated parts need to be stored in separate files for future use. Image masking techniques aid in this factor tremendously and this is what most of the photo editing firms do. 
  • Image masking is a great way of acquiring image transparency. To do this photo editors use image masking technique to bring transparency on specific layers. 
  • Shadow gives the subject a good natural look. And the shadow must have been at an accurate size and shape. Image masking technique is able to bring the desired shadow at the proper angle and opacity. 


Why we are the best image masking company?

Clipping service wise offers professional Photoshop masking services to the respected clients worldwide. Our graphic design experts are the best in the image masking technique to meet every requirement and condition of the client to produce the best result. Any kind of layer masking, channel masking, hair masking service you require, CPW graphics media is the best in the business and customer satisfaction is our core goal. There are numerous reasons which makes our company different from others. Such as:

  • We provide our masking services at a very affordable price while giving uncompromised photo quality.
  • We have (50+) graphic editing experts who are talented and well experienced in this type of work.
  • We have the best quality checking experts and every image has to go through rugged quality checking.
  • We are well equipped with advanced and updated photo editing programs and tools.
  • You do not have to worry about the delivery deadline. Each and every member is well aware of the valuable time of our client and finishes whole work within the deadline.
  • You will get numerous correction facilities and our service is open for 24/7 and 365 days. Any kind of queries you have, contact us without any hesitation.

How many image per day you able to do?

We able to do per day 3000+ image for simple image masking, but if image little bit complex then we need to check your image first and then we able to give you our estimate time. 

How do we do this jobs?

we have 50+ inhouse professional graphic designer who provide all kind of image masking, hair masking, channel masking, alpha layer masking service by using photoshop. Check below video how we do image masking work.

How to transfer image?

You can easily send your all image via our Custom panel, or if you conformable with FTP then we can provide our FTP space. Other transferring method like, Mega, We transfer or google drive you can use. 

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