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People who are associated with digital platforms, information technology and computer technology, almost all of them are familiar with the camera software, video stream websites, video editing and gaming. But everyone’s choice of software, video stream website, gaming is not similar, they have different tastes. What if the camera software you are using does not have an eye-catching frame? Or, the game you are playing does not give you a pro feeling? These are the places where custom twitch overlay designers come to provide custom frames to software & game developers, and video platform developers to give their software and websites a premium look.

Twitch overlay design service

What is Twitch?

Originally, Twitch was a website used to watch live broadcasts of the game play. It was designed for the sole purpose of video gaming related activities only. The whole idea behind this site is simple; we watch other people play games while interacting with them in real time through text and audio chat options. 

What is Twitch stream Overlay?

When you open a webcam software on your pc or laptop, you will see a frame around the picture, you will also see different options are attached with the frame. In other words, it is an outer layer mask which gives the software a beautiful look. This is what is known as twitch stream overlay.

What is included in our stream overlay package? 

In our stream overlay package, following things are included:

Twitch stream Overlay

 An overlay consists of multiple layers or images that appear on top of your webcam feed and/or gameplay video. These are used as backgrounds for your webcam, logos and panels where you can show off your social media links , upcoming events etc

Unlimited panel

In the streaming universe, a twitch panel is an info banner or a call-to-action button or a group of call-to-action buttons which appears under the user’s live stream. The panel is basically used to provide a little bit more information regarding the user’s stream or redirecting to other external links.

Camera or face cam overlay

A camera overlay is a type of graphic border or frame used in camera software. This type of overlay is placed outside the border of the picture or footage. Our designers have top level skill in building such overlays for camera, face cam and webcam.

Offline screen

Offline screen or offline banner appears when the channel is offline. Our creative graphic designers are experts in creating the offline banner image which is included in our package.

Starting screen

Starting screen basically appears before someone goes live where it shows the notification or remaining time for starting the live. The length of the starting screen depends on the broadcaster. Whatever start screen length you need for your streaming, we can produce for you.

Ending screen

Ending screen appears after the live session where the broadcaster shows courtesies, credits for people who actually supported you. It is one type of saying goodbye to the viewers.

Be Right Back screen

It is common that the broadcaster takes frequent breaks throughout the stream due to various reasons. This screen is used to let the viewers know that the broadcaster will be back within a few minutes.

Banner Twitch

Banner is a graphical image which shows the broadcaster’s name and other related information. If you need to add any text in the banner, contact us, we will do it for you.

Mascot logo

Mascot logo is a design that can be easily recognized by its viewers. In other words, the mascot is a design that can be understood by your viewers as it appears to them.It is used in various ways such as image character, company trademark or icon and so on.

twitch emotes

Twitch emotes are mainly used in social media sites to express feelings, emotions and reaction or response. These are created by Twitch users for a variety of purposes such as representing the success of winning e-sport tournaments, alerting people about certain events or greetings.

Type of our stream overlay

Static Design

Static design is one of the main features of the twitch overlay kit. It’s offering to you a set of images that can be displayed on stream along with your regular streaming content

Animated twitch overlay

Animated Twitch Overlay is designed to be used on as the live streaming platform for gamer’s broadcasting. It can be customized with your video game character name and comes with some sound effects including cheering of the audience, sound effects when you earn points in game.

For which platform we offer stream overlay design

We provide our stream overlay designing service for various platforms. Such as:

Overlay template for gaming

A stream overlay will pop up whenever you are live so your viewers can see what game you are playing at any given moment and have access to important features.

Overlay template for obs

Obs is a great live streaming and video recording open source broadcasting software. We provide astonishing stream overlay templates and top quality themes for the OBS streaming. Give a surprise to your OBS stream community with a beautiful animated theme.

Overlay template for YouTube

This overlay template is used for youtube video game live streaming which you can edit and display on the channel easily. It’s very popular among those who live streaming! The special feature of this template is that it will help you gain more views with its beautiful animated effects to serve as your perfect streaming tools.

Overlay template for Twitch

We offer a full range of overlay templates for Twitch. They are cheap in cost and can be used as they are or customized to fit your content. These templates can be used by streamers with the semi-professional and professional level streams on twitch.

Overlay template for pokemon

Overlay template design for pokemon is now available. You can get an overlay template at the cheapest price. You also can add your own text and print it on the image of the character. Our designers will do all work very quickly, just send us your ideas in the Message Center!

Overlay template for kinemaster

You can get an overlay template for kinemaster too. Kinemaster is a open source software for video editor. It has many effects, overlays and transitions. You can add these things to your movie with this software. You should have no problem if you use the template below. It’s easy and simple anyway.

Outsource Custom Twitch Overlay Designing Service to Clipping path wise

If your streaming website needs stunning streaming overlays and themes, surely Clipping path wise. can provide you stunning custom streaming overlay templates for your streaming. Regardless of your platform, our graphics editing professionals can make overlays as per your taste. Call us over phone or email us at or fill up the contact form, we will communicate with you as quickly as possible.

Frequent Ask Question (FAQ)

Where can I get a custom twitch overlay?

There are only a few companies who provide stream overlay designing service, and we are one of them. Contact us at above mentioned phone number or email regarding stream overlay, our staff will reach you within a few moments.

How do you make a twitch overlay?

When it comes to designing twitch overlays, (software/web tool) is our designing tool. Whether you need custom overlays or templates, we use this to make your overlays.

What twitch overlays do we need?

Which twitch overlays you do need depends on which overlay you are looking for, which overlay will suit your platform and what is the recent trend of overlay. Describe your criteria and choice to us, our professionals will look into it and will suggest you the best option.

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