Photoshop image shadow service

Photoshop Image Shadow Creation Service

Shadow of a product makes us think how authentic the product is. A product without shadow can not hold the viewers for a long time and it does not create viewers interest as well. It is not hard to understand how important the shadow of the product is for business. Not every image comes with shadow nor comes with perfect shadow. This is where clipping path wise provides shadow creation service to make the product image more natural and realistic. So any kind of flat, shadow less or imperfect shadow images you have, CPW Graphics media will take care of these and will make those images perfect again by applying Photoshop shadow effect, doing basic retouch and change you current background by applying clipping path service

Type of Shadow creation service

Not every object’s shadows are the same. Different objects produce different shadows. If the object does not have any shadow or does not have perfect shadow and you want to bring the perfect shadow, Clipping path wise is here to solve your problem. We offer various types of shadow creation service for your convenience. Here are the types of shadow creation services we provide: 

Natural Shadow Creation: Generally, when an image is captured, shadow appears under the subject. But, sometimes shadow does not appear under the subject due to various reasons like different angles, different lighting, etc. Sometimes shadows get erased when graphic design experts remove the background along with natural shadow from the image. These make the image unrealistic. This is where we put our effort to create the shadow. We offer the natural shadow creation service to bring back the natural look of the subject again.

Drop Shadow Creation: Drop shadow always appears at the bottom of the subject. It increases the field depth. Among all shadow creation services, this is the most popular Photoshop shadow effect service. Drop shadow is the best for E-commerce, online shop business, catalog, leaflets, etc. It produces a visually appealing effect on the white background. It makes the image realistic and natural. Our photo editing professionals are skilled in producing the drop shadows to make the subject more eye-catching and realistic.

Reflection Shadow service: Reflection shadow effect is to produce a mirror like surface at the bottom of the subject. It gives the photo a mirror look which looks like the photo stands on a mirror surface. This shadow effect reflects all parts of the photo. The reflection shadow effect is best for products like electronic products, ceramic products, medical products, showpieces, jewelry, plastic products and many more. Cpw Graphics Media has a team of talented photo editing experts who are best at providing the best reflection shadow creation service.

Retain Original Shadow: While capturing images, shadows may not come perfect as we expect. This complication can come up due to many reasons like poor photo background, poor lighting, improper camera settings, background removal service, different angles and many more. But, you should not be worried about this while we are here. Regardless of the reasons, we will take care of this. We use the best photo editing resources and our Photoshop experts are skilled in bringing back the original shadow of the subject. You just have to send your images and we will look after these.

Floating shadow: Floating shadow is making a shadow which makes the subject look like the subject is floating in space. The shadow shape depends on the subject. It is also used in e-commerce product images along with white background.

Existing shadow: Existing shadow creation service is intended for those photos which have natural shadows and you want to edit those shadows. We provide this shadow creation service as well. We preserve the existing transparency and opacity level while editing the shadow so that the photo does not lose its natural look.

Why need Shadow creation service?

There are various reasons why shadow creation service is important. Let’s take a look at those reasons:

Improve Quality

If the image shadow quality is not up to the mark and the image becomes dull and boring because of this, you should take help from experts to fix shadow quality. Poor shadow quality can ruin the essence of the subject. Replacing poor quality shadow with a starling shadow effect will make the dull image into a premium quality image.

Perfect Adjustment

If you need to shift the shadow of the subject or need to adjust shadows behind the images, you need an expert's hands to shift the shadow perfectly. Shadow creation service providers can make it possible for you.

For Better Impression

  • If your images have shadows but you want to minimize or maximize the blur effect of the shadow, you need a shadow creation service provider to do it.
  • If the photo of the product does not have depth of the shadow, it requires a shadow creation service to create the depth of the product. Depth of the product creates a good impression on the clients.
  • Flat images or shadow less images have unconvincing and unrealistic appearances. It will fail to grab the viewer's attention. In that case you require shadow creation service to enhance the appearance.

For Perfect Background

  • If the images have perfect shadow but have distracting elements in the background, it requires shadow creation service to erase background, give a solid background behind the subject and add a shadow to the subject. It will bring back the attraction of the image.
  • If your images require trimming and adding the white edge, you need a shadow creation service for this.


  • Detailed shadow of the subject is the tipping point for any e-commerce business. Detailed shadow of the product can grab the attention of the viewers. It can be done by the correct angle and accurate brightness level of the product. You need a shadow creation expert to make this possible.
  • If you want to add a text along with a drop shadow behind the text, a shadow creation service is necessary to make the text a unique one.
  • If you have done the masking on your image and now you need to enhance the darkness of the area you masked, you require shadow creation service for your convenience. Only experts can do it without any error.

Photoshop Shadow creation service price?

We provide all kind of shadow creation service include drop shadow, reflection shadow, natural shadow, mirror effect shadow at a reasonable price. Here is the price range of our shadow creation service.

  • Simple images which have a simple object shape, most of the portions are straight form, less curve, mere details etc., our Photoshop shadow service charge range for such simple images is $0.15 to $0.20.
  • The images which have a mix of simple and complex shape form, a little bit more curve, more details etc., our Photoshop shadow service charge range for such medium images is $0.20 to $0.29.
  • If the images are complex in every aspect, our photoshop shadow service charge range for such complex images is 0.29$ to 1.00$.
  • We offer a lucrative discount price on bulk amounts of image editing.

Who needs the image shadowing service?

Shadow creation service is to put a shadow for the subject. So, who actually needs this service? Let’s have a look:

  • Who want to outsource product photo editing for their eCommerce shop. To modify the background, put the background on e-commerce products along with putting shadows.
  • To make a reflection shadow and drop shadow on images.
  • To fulfill the photo guidelines of Ebay or Amazon. Ebay and Amazon are very strict in their photo guidelines.
  • To replace an object and put a shadow to make it look natural.
  • To enhance the masking of the image. 
  • To create a ghost mannequin effect.
  • To retouch jewelry and put shadows on them.
  • To make a product catalog for the business purpose.
  • To make a product leaflet to distribute to the people for business promotion purposes.

Outsource Shadow Creation Service to Clipping path wise

If you have dull, shadow less, imperfect shadow images and you are looking for a cheap shadow creation service provider, Clipping path wise is ready to provide you the best photo editing service. Regardless of photo conditions, our photo editing experts are best at making the average photo into an outstanding photo. We have zero tolerance regarding the quality of our services. Your satisfaction is our primary concern. Contact us at phone or email us. or fill up the contact form, we will reach you as quickly as possible.


How much time do you need to complete a project?

In general, our turnaround time for shadow creation service is between (3) hours to (24) hours. But time may vary depending on the service you are taking, the complexity of the photo and the amount of photos you give us to edit. If you need our photo editing service for emergency purposes, we provide rush delivery facilities as well. For simple and basic shadow creation service, we deliver our shadow creation service within (2 days).

What if I am not satisfied?

After completing our photo editing part, your photos will go through an extensive quality checking process. After that we will send you for your review before finalizing the delivery. You can cross check the edited photos with your instructions and requirements whether it is matched with your requirements or not. If our editing fails to make you satisfied, our photo editing experts will rework on those and will do the necessary alteration according to your requirements.

Which tools do you use for this job?

We use the best image editing resources to edit the photo, increase and maintain the quality of the image. We use Adobe Photoshop cc for the shadow creation service for most of the time. Apart from that, we also use Adobe illustrator, Adobe Lightroom and other photo editing tools to take the images to the next level.

Whats about Bulk order?

We have 50+ In house Graphics designer, and we able to provide 3000+ image per day. And for bulk amount we also offer up to 10-20% Discount on total amount. 

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