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Photo Color Correction and Recolor Service

When you see e-commerce product photos or online store product photos or the product catalog of a showroom, at that time you are probably thinking how beautiful and shiny those products are. So, how do those photos become shiny and beautiful? Behind the output of those photos, color correction service is used along with other photo editing services like they apply retouching service as well. Color correction changes the viewer’s perspective of viewing an image. So, there is no doubt that it is the most demanding and significant photo editing service. Whenever you need color correction services, Clipping path wise is here to help you. We provide the best image color correction services in Bangladesh. 

Types of Photo color correction services

Color correction procedures and techniques for all types of photos are not the same. Different photos demand different color adjustments. We offer a variety of color correction services for your convenience. Here are the types of color correction services we offer:

Product Color correction service: In e-commerce business, just putting an image on a website is not enough. If the product image is not that appealing, most certainly you are going to lose the race. To make the image productive for your business, there is no alternative to giving the image a fresh and proper real color. Our photo color correction service is designed to serve this purpose.

Clipping path wise have skilled and experienced photo editing experts who have the capacity to deliver the best product color correction service very efficiently. other hand sometime you need to upload many color variant for one product but its really hard to take all product photo at a time. In this case, we provide photo color change service or recolor for product photo. You just give us one color photo like you give us red color bag and after applying our recolor technique we give your different color bag like orange, yellow, green and whats you need. 

Natural Photography color correction: Our natural photography color correction service is to improve the image color quality you capture. The original image you captured may not have that appealing look you desired. This service will allow you to bring the perfect tone, mood, appealing look of your image. After editing, the effect of your image will give you a natural and accurate feel. Our photo editing experts are knowledgeable in natural photo editing who have expertise in delivering exceptional natural color quality.

Black And White image Colorization: Black and white image colorization is a technique of putting color on old and vintage black and white images. Our experts are efficient in converting a black and white images into colorful images. We use various photoshop tools to put accurate color black and white images.

Color correction Services for Photographers: Professional photographers capture images from various events and programs and they never get a second chance to recapture those images again. Our color correction service for photographers is dedicated to refine their captured images.

Our professional photo editors have the ability to make those images more vibrant, appealing, perfect natural color, and bring clarity and sharpness.

Our other color correction services

White balance adjustment: White balance adjustment is used to correct the under and overexposure of a photo. Our professional photo editors will correct the exposures to make the photo perfect.

Highlight correction: Sometimes some part of the images were washed out due to sunlight or camera flash, highlight correction technique is used to correct it.

Contrast correction: Contrast correction is used to balance the contrast of an image to make bright the highlights and darker the shadows.

Tint correction: Tint correction is used to tackle the unwanted shadows and make the color look a little brighter.

Why choose clipping path wise?

As a professional photo color correction company, we provide our best quality work to our clients. When you outsource us for color correction service, you are entitled to get access to numerous benefits, such as:

Skilled photo editing experts: We have a team of dedicated photo editing experts who are the biggest asset for us. They are highly efficient in color correction work along with other graphical design.

Latest photo editing Tools: We are equipped with the latest advanced photo editing programs like Adobe’s Photoshop, illustrator, in design, and light room to provide spectacular photo editing services.

High quality: From our photo editing services, you are guaranteed to get high quality photos.

Affordable price: We provide our color correction service at a very reasonable price. We provide a lucrative discount for bulk amounts of photo editing.

Confidentiality: We ensure complete protection and privacy of your photos. After the successful color correction process, all copies of your images will be erased from our side.

Fast delivery: We assure timely delivery of our photo editing project and also ensure 100% client satisfaction.

Why need color correction service?

There are a number of reasons why the shadow creation service matters. Those reasons are:

  • If you wish to change the product’s color while keeping content the same, you require a color variant service.
  • If your product photo is flat, dull, and not that appealing, to bring back its fresh look and tone you require color correction service.
  • If your photos do not have natural color due to wrong camera settings, you need color correction service in the post processing.
  • If you need to recolor the black and white photos, you need color correction experts to do it.
  • If the photo is under or overexposed due to the sunlight or camera flash light, to correct those exposures you need color correction service.
  • If your photo has unwanted shadows which makes the photo unnatural, you need color correction service to tackle those shadows.
  • If you are a professional photographer and you need to retone your captured photos, color correction service is required to retone the photos.

You have captured a perfect photo but the natural color does not come out that much, your photos require color correction service.

Who Needs Color Correction Services?

Color correction service is to upgrade the color quality of an image. Let’s have a look at who needs the color correction or image color change service:

Color correction service is mostly used by photographers who capture a bunch of images daily and require color tone correction for their customers. Basically photographers have not much time to waste due to their busy schedule, so they need to outsource color correction services so that they can invest their time in new projects.

Every e-commerce business and online shop owners, ad firms who need photos for their marketing require color correction service.

Various media who need fully optimized and enhanced photos which have spectacular visual appearances require color correction service.

Everybody does not possess a professional level camera. So, whenever they capture, there is a possibility of capturing washed photos. In those situations they need color correction service.

Sometimes online business, e-commerce business owners have single color variant product image and photo shooting for multiple new color variants of the same product is expensive, in those cases color correction service is better as well as cheap.

Sometimes the photographer can not shoot a perfect shot in various events and programs, and they do not get another opportunity to reshoot. In that case, their photos need to be corrected in mode and color in the post processing. This is where they need color correction service.

Photo color correction & recoloring pricing

We provide our color correction service at an affordable price. Here is the price range of our color correction service.

Simple photos which have a solid color, or have simple background, or less color details etc., our color correction service charge range for such simple photos is (0.10$) to (0.15$).

The photos which have a little bit more color details, more background details etc., our color correction service charge range for such medium photos is (0.20$) to (0.40$).

If the photos have complex details and backgrounds in every aspect, our color correction service charge range for such complex photos is (0.40$) to (1.00$)

The price may vary depending on photo complexity. We offer a lucrative discount price on bulk amounts of photo editing


What is color correction in Photoshop?

Color correction is a process of editing the original color of a photo to another color. In other words, color correction is adjusting the color qualities of a photo by using a series of different Photoshop techniques. Photoshop is the best tool to do the color correction. Color correction includes various Photoshop techniques to edit. Those techniques are temperature adjustment, Color palette adjustment, HDR blending, contrast correction and sharpening, white balance correction, noise adjustment, highlights and shadows correction, adjusting exposure and other retouching techniques. These techniques are used to alter the clarity, mood, depth and quality of an image.

How can I get benefited from color change service?

You can get the benefits from color changing service in various ways. You can convert a single photo into multiple photos with different color variants, you can save a lot of time and money. Color correction service can correct the color of a photo even if shooted with incorrect camera settings. These are only a few of them, there are a lot more benefits you can get from color correction service. 

Is color correction and color variant service the same?

Not exactly the same. There are some core differences.

Color correction is adjusting or enhancing the color quality of a photo. Color correction makes the photo vibrant and natural.

On the other hand, the color variant or color change service is adding brand new colors to existing products. In other words, the same product in different color variations.

How do we do color correction?

There are various ways and tools to do color correction. Here are a few basic examples. If I want to work on the tone and color of a photo, I will use either the "Levels" option or the "Curves" option. If I want to work on the color adjustment of a photo, I will use Hue/Saturation or color balance or contrast tools. If I want to convert a colored photo to a black and white photo, I will use the "Black & White" option. So, there are many tools to do color correction. These adjustments vary photo to photo.

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