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Outsourcing product photo editing and Retouching Service

In the world of e-commerce, a product photo can give you either a highest selling experience or just an average selling even if the product is a superb one. So, what is making the differences? Product image quality which is the core of everything. In this digital era, the craze of e-commerce and online shopping is increasing rapidly. So there is no doubt about the significance of the product photo. This is where we provide e-commerce product photo editing service for your convenience. Over the years, Clipping path wise has been identified as one of the best e-commerce product photo editing services providers around the globe. Leave your dull product photos to us, we will make them amazing, and all work we provide 100% handmade and with Photoshop

Types of eCommerce Product photo editing service

Our product photo editing services are specially designed for e-commerce business and online stores. If you have done capturing your product photo, now it is our responsibility to make your captured product photo more beautiful and appealing. Here are the types of commercial photo editing services we provide:

Ecommerce product photo editing: There are specific sets of rules and guidelines from e-commerce giant Amazon and ebay which retailers have to follow. They imposed those guidelines to maintain a clean and consistent look of product photos. Sometimes those guidelines become difficult to maintain by the individual. We provide e-commerce product photo editing services to make things easy for you. Our professional photo editors are knowledgeable in Amazon and ebay guidelines and they can edit photos perfectly so that you can easily use your photos in Amazon and ebay.

Photo Background Removal: It is impossible to capture product images with a perfect background always. Distracting backgrounds can make you fail to attract viewers’ attention on the first impression. So background removal is important in ecommerce business. To aid in doing this, our photo editing experts are here to remove the background of your photos. In addition, we will put white background or a nice background whichever fits with your product. Its also known as clipping path service, cutout or Deep etching service. 

Product photo Shadow Effects: Shadow appears when light falls on an object. But sometimes shadow does not appear in the photo due to lack of light, or different angle. This makes the photo dull, flat and boring. In the e-commerce business, flat, dull photos or photos with improper shadow fail to grab the attention of viewers. Our product photo shadow effect service is designed to put the shadow for the product and make the imperfect shadow perfect. Our photo editing experts are capable of editing and re-creating the shadow in the best possible way.

Product photo color Correction: Its really hard to take perfect photo all time and some dust always have on your product photo, and you know Inaccurate color of a product in a photo does not carry any value, rather it can make the viewers puzzled. Not only that, product photos which do not have a fresh look, viewers do not pay much attention to that. In e-commerce business, the color of a product matters. Color correction service is necessary to beautify the photo and bring back the real color. To get the realistic look of the product photo, we provide color correction service to make it happen.

Apparel & shoes photo editing: Apparel and shoe products are the most on-demand and most selling product in the world of e-commerce. The competition is enormous and new competitors are taking part in e-commerce business with their best product. So, the product has to be fresh and appealing to stay in the competition. We provide apparel & shoes photo editing services to give your apparel and shoe products a professional look. Because image clarity has the power to grab attention.

Furniture photo editing: Nowadays furniture sellers are also taking part in the e-commerce platform to promote and sell their furniture. When capturing furniture photos, there may be distracting backgrounds or different sets of furniture, or color imbalance etc., these sorts of things can ruin the entire purpose. To give furniture an aesthetic, shiny and color balanced look, our furniture photo editing service is the best option.

Jewelry Photo editing: While capturing the photos of jewelry, some jewelry stone reflects, spots, light reflects stay in the photo. This gives the jewelry an average look. Our jewelry photo editing service is tailored to remove those reflections and spots from the jewelry and give them a superb look. This editing service is specially intended for the jewelry business people who are participating in e-commerce as well. Our jewelry photo editing service includes Jewelry Color Fixing, shining the Jewelry Stone, cleaning of scratch and dust, Jewelry Shadow Making, and many more.

Image masking: Image masking is used for removing background from the subject. It is very time consuming but has significance. Image masking has the ability to wipe background out from rough, fuzzy, complicated and soft areas. We have a team of talented photo editing experts who have mastery of image masking. Whenever you need to remove unwanted backgrounds from complicated images, our image masking service is to make things easy for you.

Ghost mannequin removal: Ghost mannequin effect reduces the necessity of a human being for displaying the apparel products. It saves a tremendous amount of cost. Ghost mannequin is a technique of eliminating real human beings or visible mannequin from apparel products. Though human beings or visible mannequins are eliminated from the cloth, it still looks like something invisible-being has worn the cloth. It gives clarity and focus to the product. We provide ghost mannequin service at a reasonable price while ensuring the best quality service. Its also called neck joint, slave joint, combo effect. 

Product photography retouching: If the product photo carries unwanted items or distracting elements or does not have glow, most probably it will disappoint the customers. Attracting and fresh look of product photo has the ability to grab customers attention. This is where photo retouching is essential and we will retouch your product photos to eliminate all distracting elements and bring a glow and fresh look. Our photo editing professionals are pioneers in retouching product photos.


Clipping Path Wise is one of the fastest growing photo editing service providers in the graphic design industry. Let’s have a look at what our specialties are:

Our Resources

We have over 50+ talented graphic designing professionals and quality inspection consultants who deliver more than 3000 edited photos per day. We are equipped with the most advanced photo editing programs and tools and our experts have incredible expertise on them.

Uncompromising Quality

Your satisfaction is our goal, we can achieve that only by our unparalleled service quality. We have zero tolerance regarding photo editing service quality.

Fast Delivery

Our staff is well aware of the value of your time. Before the deadline reaches us, we will reach you with our edited photos. For emergency purposes, we provide same day delivery as well.

Affordable Price

CPW Graphics Media provides product photo editing service at a reasonable price while ensuring best service quality. Any type of complex photos you have, any amount of photos you have, we are always geared up to take the response.

Dedicated Customer Support

Whenever you need our assistance, contact us, our customer support officer will contact you as soon as possible.

Why do e-commerce businesses need photo editing services?

In this digital era, online shopping is at its peak. In online shopping, people can not touch the product but genuine product photos help people to feel the product. Can you measure how many times you hold yourself from buying the product due to low quality photos? Yes, product photos are that much important. The reasons for outsourcing product photo editing companies are numerous, here are a few of them:

  • To eliminate unwanted and attention diverting elements from photos.
  • To clean, modify or remove background from photos.
  • To make jewelry shiny and glittery.
  • To put perfect shadows in the photo to make the product realistic.
  • To put replacement objects or put new objects in photos.

How do we retouch every product photo?

We follow our standard procedure to retouch product photos. Here is the process we follow:

  • When we receive an order, we undergo the client’s instructions to understand what he wants. 
  • If the client wants a specific service, our graphic design team will start their editing procedure. If the service type is not specified, our graphic design team will analyze and take the responsibility of editing.
  • After completion of editing work, we will send photos to our client for review. If the client is satisfied, we will finalize the delivery and our procedure ends here.
  • If the client wants revision, we will fix those issues. Then we will send photos to the client again for review and then we will finalize the delivery.

Who needs product photo editing service?

Product photo editing service is a way of beautifying the product photos. Let’s have a look at who needs the product photo editing service:

  • E-commerce store owners who sell products online. They need optimized photos to attract customers and increase sales. Best viewing experience will let the customers buy the product.
  • E-commerce store owners who do not have knowledge of operating photo editing programs to beautify their products.
  • Online business owners who do not want to spend money on models for viewing products.
  • Product photographers who need post production work so that they can concentrate on other projects.

Outsource Product Photo Editing and Retouching Service to Clipping path wise

If your product photo is not appealing or has no professional look or has distracting elements, Clipping path wise is ready to take responsibility to beautify your product photo. Regardless of photo quality, our experts will make it superb quality for you. Contact us over phone or email us at info@clippingpathwise.com or fill up the contact form, we will reach you as soon as possible.


What is your basic price for product photo editing?

Our basic basic e-commerce product photo editing pricing starts from $0.39. Price will vary depending on complexity and the implementation of techniques.

How can I get benefited from Product photo editing?

Benefits of product photo editing are numerous. Product photo editing will aid you to build a brand image, increase your sales, build credibility, reuse photos next time, customize for various e-commerce platforms, make multiple color variant photos from a single photo, cheap price and many more benefits.

Does this service meet eCommerce image guidelines?

Yes, our product photo editing meets e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay guidelines. It is a little bit time consuming to do because the photo has to meet every criteria they imposed.

Do you edit bulk product photos?

Yes, we do edit bulk amounts of product photos. Our editing team is qualified to deliver more than 3000 photos per day.

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