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Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services

Nowadays ecommerce, the online marketing business is very much widespread and it has become part and parcel for both sellers and customers. Before buying a product from an ecommerce or online market, a customer looks at the looks, quality, color, size of the product. A product without a mannequin makes a product more precise and good looking. Image of a product without a mannequin is a new trend in the ecommerce and digital era. It is not an easy task to shoot an image without a mannequin. But you don’t have to worry at all. We are here to make it very easy for you and cost effective.

What is the Need for the Ghost Mannequin Effect?

Nowadays ghost mannequin effects become trending and valuable tools for ecommerce and any online apparel retailers. To present a product, stores provide product description as well as product image. The more the quality of image, the more the store can increase sales and gain trust. Let’s give a closer look at what is the need for the ghost mannequin effect:

  • Ghost mannequin effect ensures that the product becomes the center of attention.
  • If you utilize the ghost mannequin effect, you do not need to hire any model anymore. It will save lots of hiring costs.
  • Sometimes when a model is modelling a dress, you are not able to decide if it will suit you or not. But with the ghost mannequin effect of the dress, you can imagine yourself in the dress and you can decide if it will suit you or not. So, its appeal will reach a greater audience.
  • Sometimes people think that some products are only meant for specific types of people when they see the product images with a model. But, the ghost mannequin effect erases that message and reaches a greater audience. It results in an increase in sales.

For whom the Invisible Ghost Mannequin Service is meant for?

Hiring a model for a cloth to show the cloth’s fitting is always expensive. On the contrary, using a mannequin may distract customers from the product and this is also not good for sales objectives. Ghost mannequin technique is for those who are looking for a cost effective way and also want the product to become the center of attraction. 

Invisible Ghost Mannequin Service is suitable for:

  • Online stores, ecommerce, online vendors.
  • Catalog design
  • Cloth and apparel
  • Jewelry, wrist watch
  • Remove spots, dust, wrinkles.

Ghost mannequin photo editing service at (comp)?

If you are running after the cheapest price deal, make sure you are getting the best quality as well. We offer best ghost mannequin photo editing services with affordable cost who are looking for professional images for their business. We successfully delivered our services with utmost quality to the most of the fashion & apparel ecommerce stores and various apparel & fashion organizations who needed ghost mannequin images for their catalogue book. We are very proud that we are able to satisfy our customers with our profound customer services. 

We always provide the best photo editing service and this is what made us successful and a leading competitor for ghost photo editing services.

What makes us different?

Find out why most of the apparel and fashion industries choose us.

Best quality and skilled resources: We always work for quality rather than quantity. Our professional photographers and highly skilled editors are promised to deliver the best. We are equipped with the best resources.

Operations and response: For your convenience our customer services are always open. You can communicate with us anytime and we will reach you as quickly as possible.

Standard service: We achieved success because of our standard services and our promised delivery time frame. We will do your photo editing with utmost care within convenient time.

Types of Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services We Offer

Ghost mannequin effect of the photo gives the consumers a realistic idea of a product l even though it gives a hollow look. You can create ghost mannequin effects with transparent mannequin or removable mannequin or by photo editing. But nothing is cost saving except photo editing service. That’s why (comp.) is offering different types of invisible ghost mannequin removal photo editing services to meet your needs. Our services are:

3D/360° Packshot Ghost Mannequin Effects: We do 3D/360° packshot ghost mannequin effect service for both still images and dynamic images. This effect gives the product a full rotation view so that customers are able to see every angle of the product. The 3D rotation effect can be done on clothing products, wrist watches, jewelries, etc. If you are looking for this service, you just have to send your product images from different angles. Our skilled photoshop experts will take care of the rest of the action. We give you the best quality edited 3D images at a competitive price and it will make you satisfied all the way.

Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin: The neck joint effect is all about removing the neck from the dress and it will get a hollow look. By eliminating neck mannequin from a cloth creates a vacant area around the back side of the neckline. We bring this neck joining effect by joining the back part of the neckline with the anterior part of the neckline which gives the product a full shape. To create this effect, our professional photoshop expert brings the neck area by clipping from another photo of the same dress and puts it on the neck area and it results in an invisible mannequin effect. You can take our neck join services for Shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, blazers, and other trending dresses. This effect is best for vests and tank tops.

Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin: Bottom joint effect is basically used for those dresses which have longer back sections or pictures are taken from the lower angle. We join the bottom part of the dress of any length. We use this effect to remove the lower part of the mannequin. It helps the customers to get a better idea of the bottom back portion of the dress. Our Photoshop experts will remove the lower mannequin part precisely. After removing that part, Photoshop experts will bring the bottom part by using the clipping path from another image of the same dress and join it in the bottom. This bottom joint effect is very effective especially for sweatshirts, dresses, etc.

Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin

The sleeves joint effect is generally used for long sleeve, quarter sleeve and short sleeve dresses. With this effect we remove the mannequin part of the sleeve and the image gets a hollow look. To bring this effect, our Photoshop experts remove the mannequin part and join the sleeve’s back part from the other photo so that customers can look at the inside part of the sleeves. This effect works best for dresses like sweaters, suits, jackets etc.

Which sectors are using our neck joint service?

Neck Joint Services are mostly used by Photographers. This ghost mannequin effect saves lots of time and money. This effect is useful as well as important for online product display. However, there are many industries who take this neck joint service. Such as:

  • E-commerce sites
  • Online Clothing stores
  • Magazines
  • Garments, apparels and fashion houses
  • Printing press
  • Fashion Photographers
  • Annual Reports
  • Ad Agencies
  • Newspaper
  • Other different websites use this service.

It is expensive to hire a model to display their goods. But, when they utilize the ghost mannequin effect, it certainly decreases their cost. 

How Our Experts Do This with Photoshop?

Ghost mannequin effect can be brought by two ways, one way is by photography and the other way is by photoshop technique. To get a ghost mannequin effect by photography, you have to cost more than the photoshop. To create a ghost mannequin effect with photoshop, photoshop experts require multiple photos of both the back and the front view. After that, they take sample images using a mannequin. These sample images will show the exact resemblance of the rear and front side of cloth. Then the

Experts blend the front part and rear part by using a mannequin to keep the shape. After that, they put a clipping path on the internal part and the front part by linking them after the elimination of the mannequin. Therefore, there are other things like color correction, retouching, sharpening, brightness, contrast, etc. are used to beauty the image. However, there are a lot of things a Photoshop expert has to do. 

  • Removes the unwanted part from the object.
  • Isolate objects from the photo.
  • Removes the artifacts from the image if present.
  • Draw a clipping path in order to make a perfect image.
  • They do the masking for making a fall shadow if necessary.

What material should you need to shoot clothes invisibly?

Few things you require to shoot the clothes invisibly. Such as:

Cloth: Any clothes that you want to display in your ecommerce site specially shirts, coats, blazers, skirts and any cloth that match with this technique.

An invisible mannequin: You need a modular mannequin. This mannequin has detachable body parts. But you have to keep in mind that the modular mannequin should have interchangeable or removable arm and chest features. These features will let you shoot invisible images or ghost mannequin images.

Studio lighting: You need a studio lighting source. In this case, you require cool LED lights which will assure the consistency of exposure, contrast, and shadows.

Camera: Now, the camera is the most important material for ghost mannequin image shoots. You need a camera which is suitable for professional product photography. You can choose any professional camera which can shoot products with details. A good example is Canon EOS 5D Mk III as it is preferred by the many experts.

How Ghost Mannequin photo editing service at Clipping path wise will benefit you?

Ghost mannequin effect is effective for apparels & garments products, lingerie, jewelry, lingerie etc. The ghost mannequin photo editing service at (comp.) will benefit you many ways. Let’s look at those benefits you are entitled to get:

We will fix the pixel as well as brightness of the image.

We will do the proper color adjustment of the abject in the image

Our experts will improve the color of the dresses.

Additionally, our experts will also improve the texture of the product and will add glamorous effects to make the product more attractive.

After joining and editing the rear and front part of the image, a natural 3D appearance will appear.

If any kinds of spots exist in the object, our expert will dissolve those sops as well.

Ghost mannequin: When to use and when not to use

Before deciding on using ghost mannequin effect, you should know the do’s and don’ts of using ghost mannequin.

When to use:

  • If you want to add texture in your apparel products and accessories, you can go for the ghost mannequin option.
  • Hiring a model is always expensive. If you feel that you should cut costs, you should select the ghost mannequin service.
  • If you want your product in 3D or 360 degree effect along with the back part and front part, you should select invisible mannequin service.
  • If you want to show the inside part of the clothes or dresses along with the tags and brand logo & label, you should choose the ghost mannequin effect.

When not to use:

  • If you want to show your products with real people then you should not use ghost mannequin.
  • If the response comes better when you hire a model for branding, you should skip the ghost mannequin idea.
  • However, advertising your product works better when you combine the live model and ghost mannequin. It will bring consistency in your product images and thumbnails in the e-commerce site or in catalogs. On the contrary, live models will bring the relatability factor on how it looks when it is used.

Few tips from experts

  • You can sort and group your clothes according to the mannequin configuration so that you can shoot a bulk amount of clothes within a short time. Then change the mannequin configuration for the next group of clothes. In this way you will be able to save lots of time. 
  • If your dresses are loose fitted or large size and you want a fitted look, you can use styling pins below the armpit area and behind the back.
  • You can use crêpe papers to cover places which need to be stretched or filled.

Outsource Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services to CPW Graphic Media

At Clipping path wise, we deliver a wide range of ghost mannequin image editing and post processing services for ecommerce, online stores, product catalog and apparel organizations. If you are eyeing for the best photo editing service provider who can offer you remarkable outcomes as well as an affordable price, we are in business to aid you.

We are resourced with skilled professionals, best technical equipment and tools, and  years of experience to give the best service to our clients. We  always prioritize our client, their expectations and quality of outcome. These are the things which make us one of the most preferred photo editing service providers. You need any kind of ghost mannequin product photography, photo editing and post processing services, clipping path wise is the proper place. Do not hesitate to contact us at (


What is a ghost or invisible mannequin and its effect?

Ghost mannequin is a technique where the mannequin shape is present but the mannequin itself is hidden. In other words, you will recognise that the mannequin has worn the dress but it is hidden from the cloth's opened area of inside part. Ghost mannequin effect is done by photoshop. Photoshop experts work with the front part image and back part image. Basically they remove the mannequin part from the front part of the image and then the image is joined with the back part of the image. Either way ghost mannequin effect can be done with modular mannequin, but then they have to do the work with photoshop editing. Ghost mannequin effect can come with both 2D and 3D effects.

How do you create a ghost mannequin effect in photoshop?

Our Photoshop experts do the ghost mannequin photo editing in photoshop with the different images of the same product. Different images should be taken from different angles and different sides. We will need cloth photos with an actual mannequin in it. Then our experts create a clipping path around the cloth edges. After making the clipping path our experts eliminate the mannequin from the photo along with other unwanted objects. After that you will have a ghostly effect on the cloth.

What are Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services?

Sometimes you may see your chosen cloth's image has no people or mannequin but seems like someone is wearing it. This is what is called ghost mannequin photos. It is a method of presenting apparel without any mannequin in ecommerce sites or online stores, catalogs, and many marketing materials. This effect comes out by combining and editing multiple images and it looks like a life-like figure.

How to do flat lays photography?

Flat lay photography is an alternative to ghost mannequin photography and model photography. It is the cheapest way to showcase a cloth image. To do that, lay down the cloth on the table, floor or any flat surface. Then fix the wrinkles with the hand and give proper lighting. After that shoot the photo. You should use professional cameras for better image quality. The disadvantage of this method is that you won’t be able to get a body like fit from the cloth.

What exactly is a ghost mannequin for?

Ghost mannequin or neck Joint effect is an amazing way of making a product photo very attractive. There are various reasons to use ghost mannequin photo editing service, such as:

  • To remove mannequin from cloth.
  • To produce 2D or 3D effects. 3D effect is a rotation of product
  • To remove tan, dirt, wrinkles, ditch, spots etc.

What is Neck Joint service?

When we remove the mannequin pat from the neck area, it creates an empty space in the neck area. To fill up the neck area, neck joint service becomes essential. To do the neck joint effect, the photoshop editors join the back part with the front part of the same product. Photoshop editors use clipping paths, shadow effects, refine edges, retouching, color correction etc. They do it to make the image more beautiful.

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